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Whether your need is to outsource your project or to hire skilled technology professionals,
SOLTECH has 20 years of experience in helping our clients succeed.

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Software Solutions

When you have an idea and need custom software...

What We Do:

  • UX Design
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development

  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Rescue & Support

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Staffing Solutions

When you need to grow your development team...

What We Do:

  • Technical Recruiting
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Team Incubation

  • Contract to Perm
  • Perm Placement

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What Our Clients Have To Say

One thing with technology that’s different is you can have an idea, but if you can’t work back specifically how you’re going to execute it, it really doesn’t matter. I’ve been involved in a number of projects previously, and had some bad experiences. It took time with the vetting process to find a group that had a great reputation.

Ben Tucker, Fusionetics

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Giving us a project manager who has the ability to not only keep track of the project, but earn our trust has allowed us to sleep at night. We can trust our project manager at SOLTECH to take care of everything allowing the development process to be really fun and exciting.

Kiley Dorton, ACT Bridge

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We like to use SOLTECH because the team would come to our office to learn how we interview. We are unorthodox, using group interviews and casual conversations. We would ask questions from Monte Python to how do you code to group dynamics and how people will fit in our group.

Brett Hampton, NextGen

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Have an Idea? Need An App?

At SOLTECH, we have the technology part covered so you can focus on your business. Our developers and designers are industry leaders working across nearly all technologies from cutting edge to legacy.

When you need custom software to drive your business forward, SOLTECH is your long-term, proven, technology partner.

Software Solutions

Solution Design

If there is one thing we do best, it is creating business solutions with technology. Every software project starts with an idea.Our team will work with you to shape your ideas into something even better for your users.

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Mobile Development

When there is not an app for that, we help you create one. Whether your idea is a consumer app for the App Store/Google Play, or an enterprise app deployed internally for your workforce, SOLTECH helps you innovate and solve business problems with mobile technology.

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User Experience Design

We have a specialized team of User Experience designers that work with our solution design team and software engineers to create and deliver great software your users love to use.

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Rescue & Recovery

There are many ways a custom software project can get off track. If you are concerned that your project is at risk, SOLTECH will help you turn your project around and get it across the finish line.

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Web Applications

Custom web development covers a broad spectrum. Need an e-commerce site, customer portal, SaaS application, or a new enterprise solution? We will help you with that and more.

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Looking to customize?

Are you looking to use an existing software product or platform to support your business team? Due to popular demand, we have expanded our platform service offerings to include new and exciting solutions.

SOLTECH can help you identify, configure and customize an existing software platform to drive innovation and automation within your business.

Platform Solutions

Core Business Solution

If you need a core business solution to help manage data for your sales leads, customers, products, services, orders, and even internal staff, then one of these platforms may be perfect for you. SOLTECH can help you tailor a solution to drive day-to-day business.

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Industry Specific Solutions

Do you need a solution that understands the unique need of your industry and business? SOLTECH can help you implement a tailored solution that understands your business workflows, industry language and delivers relevant, industry-specific, analytics and reporting.

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Marketing Automation

In today’s world, you have to move beyond mass-email solutions to communicate with prospects and clients. Whether you are doing email marketing, B2B marketing, B2C marketing, or social media marketing, we select and implement the right automation platform.

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Enterprise Point-to-Point Integration

Do you have multiple core IT systems that don’t share data? Has cross-system and cross-department reporting devolved into spreadsheets? Perhaps you need to share data with external partners? Let us help you integrate systems and realize the value of your enterprise data.

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Ready to go?
Need a bigger team?

As a software development firm, SOLTECH knows first hand what is required to find great talent. Our technical recruiters take candidates through the same multi-step screening process regardless if we are vetting them for you, or hiring them for ourselves.

Staffing Solutions

Hire an Employee

When you are looking to hire a full-time resource that is a great cultural fit with the right growth potential and soft skills...

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Need a Contract Resource

When you require a specialty skill set or have short-term resourcing needs...

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