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Businesses today are constantly seeking innovative solutions to outpace their competitors, enhance efficiency, and deliver unmatched customer experiences. One technological advancement stands out in this quest: Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this article, we will […]


Lessons from one of SOLTECH’s founders and CEO, Veanne Smith I love getaway weekends! And road trip vacations! But I don’t love detours. How many times have you been in the car headed somewhere only to […]


The information technology job market sometimes experiences unusual growth, and with the benefits of that expansion come challenges. The early 2020s, for instance, have brought an explosion in IT jobs. Although projections show the […]

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If you’re like most in the job market, you’ve likely spent a significant amount of time writing, re-writing, editing, and pouring over every detail of your resume. Did you know that recruiters don’t really […]

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    Written by: Scott Burkey, SOLTECH’s Project Lead. He focuses on aligning web app solutions with business strategy, industry realities, and user experience.   When engaging a software firm there are absolutely some […]

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Everyone has heard of the term “buyer’s remorse”, feeling anxious AFTER a large purchase has been made. But, what’s it called when you’re anxious about a purchase prior to making it, and how do […]

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At SOLTECH, we don’t only make brand new software for brand new companies. We are often approached by organizations that need to revamp their existing platform and transition software, which can make any client understandably worried. […]


Author: John Monahon, Attorney & Counselor, Trusted Counsel (Ashley) LLC You have finally gone live with a software program that you hope will be the “crown jewel” of your business. Unfortunately, soon after launch, […]


By Andrew Walker As we all know, it is hard to keep the pace with the mobile marketplace. My iPhone 3G is a mere three years old but I feel like I’m living in […]