The information technology job market sometimes experiences unusual growth, and with the benefits of that expansion come challenges. The early 2020s, for instance, have brought an explosion in IT jobs. Although projections show the […]


You’re not alone. A recent study showed that almost three-quarters of businesses have had their websites hacked in the past year. But don’t worry, there are solutions out there that can help improve your […]

tech resume

If you’re like most in the job market, you’ve likely spent a significant amount of time writing, re-writing, editing, and pouring over every detail of your resume. Did you know that recruiters don’t really […]

software firm

    Written by: Scott Burkey, SOLTECH’s Project Lead. He focuses on aligning web app solutions with business strategy, industry realities, and user experience.   When engaging a software firm there are absolutely some […]

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Everyone has heard of the term “buyer’s remorse”, feeling anxious AFTER a large purchase has been made. But, what’s it called when you’re anxious about a purchase prior to making it, and how do […]

transition software

At SOLTECH, we don’t only make brand new software for brand new companies. We are often approached by organizations that need to revamp their existing platform and transition software, which can make any client understandably worried. […]

Each year, we at SOLTECH have the pleasure of meeting with hundreds of businesses in the Atlanta area with respect to their mobile app development needs. And because so many professionals know our thoughts and feelings […]


One of the benefits of custom software is that that it can be modified over time to keep up with your business changes and new technologies. The first step in keeping your software current […]


As a job seeker, you probably have found yourself really wondering if you are doing all the right things (or any of the wrong things) to land the perfect job. And since there are […]