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Season 4, Episode 4: IoT.ATL: Atlanta’s Internet of Things Champion [PODCAST]

Welcome back to the fourth season of Atlanta Business Impact Radio. We’re excited to be back for another round of inspiring conversations with influential leaders in Atlanta.

In this episode, Cynthia Curry, Director of IoT Ecosystem Expansion at Metro Atlanta Chamber, sits down with Veanne and Sarah to talk about what they’re doing to bring tech talent to Atlanta, attract Internet of Things companies, and build a strong reputation for Atlanta as an innovation hub.

Inside the Episode:

  • What is IoT anyway? Cynthia explains what Internet of Things means in her world.
  • Get the scoop on the progress of the Flatiron City boardwalk project (Spoiler alert: it’s going to be awesome!)
  • How do we keep local tech talent in Atlanta? Learn more about the strategy to full stack Atlanta’s tech scene!

Enjoy the show!

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Who is Cynthia Curry?

Cynthia started her career as Director of IoT Ecosystem Expansion with Metro Atlanta Chamber after volunteering at MAC for 10 years. A technical recruiter by trade, Cynthia has what it takes to draw in and retain valuable tech talent in Atlanta, and she’s putting that knowledge to good use with MAC’s new initiative, Iot.ATL. Outside of lifting Atlanta to new IoT heights, Cynthia is an avid cyclist, a music junkie, and a professional amateur food critic.

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