C# is a type-safe, component-based, high-performance language that is designed for the Microsoft .NET framework. If you are developing Windows or web applications or web services for the .NET platform, C# is in many ways the language of choice. SOLTECH has hundreds of hours of C# experience applied across the broad range of business problems that our clients have asked us to solve.

Developer Perspective

C# is a language with the power of C++ and the slickness of Visual Basic. It cleans up many of the syntactic peculiarities of C++ without diluting much of its flavor, thereby enabling C++ developers to transition without much difficulty. C# ‘s superiority over VB6 in facilitating powerful OO implementations is without question. C# with clean OO syntax and large class library, in conjunction with .NET and the base class libraries, could be the ‘most productive mainstream language’ with availablity across many platforms. For the serious developer wanting Microsoft’s most productive and mainstream .NET language, C# is the clear choice.