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Digital Transformation for 3D Medical Imaging Company

Case Study

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3DR Labs, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, is a leading provider of 3D medical image post-processing services in the United States. Renowned for its 24/7/365 access to over 200 experienced radiologic technologists, 3DR Labs specializes in advanced 3D post-processing techniques, AI technology partnerships, and a dedicated cardiac center of excellence. The company is committed to revolutionizing medical imaging through high-quality, innovative solutions that improve patient care and outcomes.

Business Goals

The partnership between SOLTECH and 3DR Labs focuses on accelerating software development to the next generation to maintain competitiveness in the medical imaging market. Aiming to foster innovation through advanced technology integration, the collaboration seeks to strengthen 3DR Labs’ market position and customer satisfaction. These strategic efforts are directed toward ensuring long-term success and innovation in the industry. 

Business Challenge

Despite its pioneering efforts and advancements in the field of medical imaging, 3DR Labs identified a critical bottleneck that could potentially hinder its mission to revolutionize radiology practices across the country. The challenge was multi-faceted: 

Software Development Processes: 3DR Labs had developed several software solutions internally to support its imaging services. However, the company recognized the need for these software pieces to evolve beyond their current capabilities to keep pace with the rapidly advancing radiology market and emerging medical imaging technologies. 

Next-Generation Software Requirements: The internal development team at 3DR Labs had reached a point where external expertise was necessary to scale their software solutions to the next generation. This included enhancing the software’s functionality, improving user experience, and integrating advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to further refine diagnostic processes. 

Market Expansion and Service Enhancement: To meet the growing demand for its specialized imaging services and maintain its leadership position, 3DR Labs needed to expand its technological capabilities. This expansion was not limited to software development but also encompassed the broader objective of enhancing its overall service offerings to radiology departments, necessitating a strategic partnership with a technology provider well-versed in the latest software development methodologies and AI innovations. 

3DR Labs faced a bottleneck in revolutionizing radiology due to outdated software and a lack of AI capabilities, necessitating external expertise to stay competitive in the fast-evolving medical imaging market.

“What SOLTECH does best is listen to our needs and expectations. They understand what we’re trying to accomplish. SOLTECH isn’t just a development team or a contracted third party — we have a true partnership. Working with them is seamless…”

– Director of IT, 3DR Labs


In addressing these challenges, 3DR Labs sought a partnership with SOLTECH, a leader in custom software development and technology consulting renowned for its expertise in accelerating digital transformation through innovative solutions. The collaboration aimed to leverage SOLTECH’s comprehensive software development services, from requirements gathering to deployment, to ensure that 3DR Labs’ internal software projects were elevated to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry. 

The partnership focused on harnessing SOLTECH’s capabilities in AI and machine learning (ML), areas in which SOLTECH had recently announced an expansion, to integrate cutting-edge technologies into 3DR Labs’ imaging services. By doing so, 3DR Labs aimed to enhance its diagnostic tools, improve operational efficiencies, and ultimately deliver superior imaging services that could adapt to the dynamic landscape of the radiology market. 


Project Highlights

  • Overcoming Development Challenges: 3DR Labs identified limitations in its existing software, necessitating external expertise from SOLTECH to advance their technologies and keep pace with the medical imaging market. 
  • Advanced AI Integration: The partnership focused on embedding advanced AI and machine learning capabilities into 3DR Labs’ services, significantly enhancing diagnostics and user experiences. 
  • Expanding Market Reach: Leveraging SOLTECH’s innovations allowed 3DR Labs to expand its tech capabilities and service offerings, ensuring their continued leadership in the healthcare sector. 
  • Improving Efficiency: Collaboration with SOLTECH led to improved operational efficiencies and the delivery of superior imaging services, adapting to the evolving demands of the radiology market. 


The partnership significantly reduced development timeframes, allowing for quicker production and response to market demands, showcasing a notable increase in efficiency and productivity. 

Collaborating with SOLTECH proved cost-effective, saving resources by streamlining development processes. This efficiency resulted in long-term savings for 3DR Labs, maximizing their investment return. 

SOLTECH exceeded expectations with their outstanding quality of work, reinforcing 3DR Labs’ leadership in the medical imaging sector and contributing to its mission of revolutionizing radiology practices. 

Effective project management and communication tools facilitated seamless integration between SOLTECH and 3DR Labs, moving beyond a conventional client-contractor relationship to a true, ongoing partnership.