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Building a Custom Application to Monitor Hail Damage

Case Study

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The Client

HailSolve is an innovative risk management and hail restoration company based in Nashville, Tennessee. The team gathers property & weather data for commercial properties throughout the U.S. It monitors storms for potential hail damage, empowering property owners to make smarter decisions regarding hail risks. Their services include:

  • Advanced data insights and analytics.
  • On-site assessments of storm damage to a property.
  • End-to-end hail damage restoration.

The Problem

Before partnering with SOLTECH, HailSolve primarily used Salesforce to access its weather and property data. However, hail data presents a unique challenge: there are often multiple sources of truth. As a result, HailSolve needed a new way to simplify their team’s day-to-day process of digesting information and determining whether a property was affected by a storm.

Monitoring storms and properties across the U.S. requires a lot of careful data analysis. One of the biggest challenges in their industry is a general need for more awareness about hail and its many risks. The majority of hail damage may be subtle and easy for a property owner to overlook, making data a vital part of lead generation. Because of this, the HailSolve team would often spend long hours manually compiling and organizing their weather data to present to potential clients.

HailSolve needed an easier way to organize and access their data from Salesforce.

“The ease of being able to bounce ideas off of the SOLTECH team is something that stood out. We were able to collaborate on this project and not have to worry about being left in the dark on our end.” – Tony Holloway, Director of Technology at HailSolve

The Solution

HailSolve’s partnership with Soltech began in 2021 with revamping their Salesforce platform. From start to finish, the Soltech team crafted an up-to-date database that could automate tasks and better organize data.

“One of the fundamental things that we do when we call clients is reference the exact storm dates and estimate the size of the damage. Before, that data was very fragmented.”

– Nathan Phelps, Director of Marketing and Communications at HailSolve  

In addition to the new Salesforce platform, the Soltech team also helped HailSolve create an off-platform application, called “Leadmaker” with import features. This allowed HailSolve to store and access property and weather data outside of Salesforce in a platform that they could customize.

Through an innovative search feature that the Soltech team developed in the database, HailSolve can quickly find and download properties that were affected by hail, saving valuable time in the lead generation process. Before this, the team needed to manually sort through geographical data to try and identify the location of hail damage. Now, HailSolve is no longer limited by area, ensuring new opportunities for their business can be found much more efficiently.

The Impact

Not only has the new software allowed HailSolve to streamline their team’s operations, but it also fundamentally changed the way their team now goes to market. Being able to access the right data points in real time has empowered them to reach out to clients and potential leads with more timely, accurate, and data-driven messaging.

  • 90% Increase in Data
  • 2 Million+ Users in Their Database