Working for SOLTECH


We make resumes shine

Joining SOLTECH's Software Solution team means being challenged by a wide variety of projects, and having constant exposure to new technologies.

Geeks and consultants welcomed

Our specialty is in writing custom software for businesses of all sizes. Some, but not all of our team members are customer facing. We know it isn't for all engineers, but we are here to support your career growth in technology and in business.

Be challenged by your high-calibre teammates

SOLTECH simply hires the best. Here you will work with like-minded technologists who are passionate about what they do, and will push you in the way you use technology.

Our Perks

Collaborative Environment

Two heads are better than one. Our office space is designed to encourage collaboration with creative meeting areas and plenty of whiteboards. It is the perfect space to solve challenging project issues and share knowledge.

Casual Dress

Trouble tying a tie in the morning? It's okay, leave it at home. Here we have a casual work environment focused on meeting client expectations.

Fitness Amenities

Wanting to stay in shape? We conveniently have fitness amenities located in our building available to you for FREE!

Lunch and Learns

Gather around and enjoy lunch while your colleagues or even you present on a new technology or takeaways from a recent trade show.

Certification Bonuses

Our certification bonus program supports & rewards employees as they achieve various levels of technical certification.

Our Benefits

Flexible Hours

Worried about your commute? Don't be. We offer flexible hours that fit your schedule and your commute.

Paid Time Off

Everyone needs time away from the office to re-energize at one of their favorite destinations or simply take care of personal business. We also understand that this time cannot always be scheduled far in advance so we work with you to accommodate your requests.

401k Plans

Whether you are looking to transfer your current account to your new employer sponsored program or wanting to invest for the first time, we offer a 401K plan to help you invest in your future.


We have a variety of health insurance options that will allow you to select an option that best fits your insurance needs.

Short & Long Term Disability

Accidents or illnesses can sometimes take you away from work for more than just a few days. In case that happens to you, we offer short and long term disability plans.

Are you right for SOLTECH?

Can you describe yourself as:

  • Confident in your ability to handle a challenge
  • Curious about how things works
  • Hungry to learn something new
  • Energized by working with talented people
  • Excited by what is possible with technology
  If this sounds like you, we want you on our team!

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