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Software Development Staff Augmentation

Case Study

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Seed Company is a Bible translation organization based in Arlington, Texas. They are dedicated to accelerating Bible translation and making it accessible to people groups around the world. Seed Company’s mission is to empower communities to take ownership of Bible translation in their own language. 

Business Challenge

Seed Company faced a significant challenge in enhancing the productivity of their software development team and identifying top talent for long-term hiring. They recognized the need to increase velocity, scale their software applications, and seamlessly integrate various software solutions. 

To overcome these challenges, Seed Company needed to implement strategies and practices that would optimize their software development processes and ensure efficient collaboration among team members. They also sought to attract and retain skilled individuals who could contribute to the growth and success of their software development efforts. 

By addressing these challenges, Seed Company aimed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their software development team, enabling them to deliver high-quality software products and solutions. This would ultimately contribute to the organization’s overall success in facilitating Bible translation efforts worldwide. 

They needed to increase velocity, scale their software applications, and seamlessly integrate various software solutions.

The standout, most impressive thing about SOLTECH is that they listened and learned. They took the time to understand what our needs were as an organization and then worked to determine how they could assist with that.”

– Christie Davis, VP of Strategic Management


The collaboration between Seed Company and SOLTECH proved to be highly effective in addressing the challenges faced by Seed Company. SOLTECH provided software development staff augmentation services, assigning a team of 2-5 skilled professionals to work closely with Seed Company’s in-house software development team. 

The primary objective of the collaboration was to assist Seed Company in building and scaling multiple software applications and integrations. By leveraging SOLTECH’s expertise and resources, Seed Company was able to enhance their software development capabilities and accelerate the delivery of their projects. 

SOLTECH’s team members seamlessly integrated with Seed Company’s existing team, ensuring effective collaboration and knowledge sharing. This enabled both teams to work together efficiently, resulting in increased productivity and faster project delivery. 

Throughout the engagement, SOLTECH maintained regular communication with Seed Company, providing progress updates, addressing concerns, and ensuring alignment on project objectives. This proactive approach fostered a strong partnership and allowed for effective decision-making and problem-solving. 

With SOLTECH’s assistance, Seed Company was able to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals of increasing velocity, scaling their software applications, and seamlessly integrating various software solutions. The collaboration not only improved the efficiency and effectiveness of Seed Company’s software development efforts but also contributed to their overall mission of facilitating Bible translation globally. 


Thanks to SOLTECH’s efforts, Seed Company experienced notable outcomes and progress. The software development team showed increased production output, achieved feature releases, and continued to expand the software infrastructure. 

SOLTECH seamlessly integrated with Seed Company’s internal team, fitting well within the organization’s culture and workflow. The addition of SOLTECH’s team members enhanced Seed Company’s technical capacities and speed, increasing productivity and efficiency. 

Communication with SOLTECH primarily occurred through virtual meetings, ensuring effective collaboration and alignment of objectives. SOLTECH’s standout quality was their ability to listen, learn, and understand Seed Company’s specific needs. They consistently communicated, asked questions, and adjusted their approach accordingly, providing an impressive level of service. 

According to Christie Davis, there are no areas for improvement or suggestions for SOLTECH at this time. Any issues that arose during the project were promptly addressed and resolved by the SOLTECH team