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Grow your team with high-quality candidates.

When you need to hire an employee, and you don’t have the recruiting resources or bandwidth to do all the work yourself, engaging the services of a firm with strong recruiting expertise is a wise choice.  Relying on a firm to guide you and manage the entire recruitment process in an extremely competitive IT market can make the difference in whether you are successful at bringing on the Direct Hire resource you need.

The most qualified candidates with highly sought-after skills will have the ability to choose from multiple offers for their next job.  It is important that you partner with an IT Staffing firm that has experience recruiting for the skills you seek, along with the demonstrated experience to successfully source, attract, screen, evaluate and deliver the best candidates.

At SOLTECH, our job is to help you find the best candidate for your IT Direct Hire position.  With our proven process and decades of experience in the IT Staffing industry, we will present you with high-quality candidates, save you time in the hiring process, and allow you to focus on your core business.  We will make hiring the right candidate a pleasant experience and one which is easy for you.

“SOLTECH helped us weed out the people who were not going to fit. They know what the Atlanta market is like. They are local, looking for local people.”
– Brett Hampton, NextGen Healthcare