According to Mark Kopcha, CEO of Revegy, “One of the keys to our success is an intense focus on quality and time to market. In today’s highly competitive environment you cannot afford the cost of rework or any distraction from continuing to drive your business forward” says Mark. “When we needed people to augment our team we were looking for individuals who would treat our project as if was their own. That is what SOLTECH delivered, individuals who took a genuine interest in our project, proactively suggested improvements, and ensured we were satisfied with the quality of their work and the timing of their deliverables. We look forward to continuing to work with SOLTECH as we address the needs of our rapidly growing customer base.”

The Product Development Group at SOLTECH assisted Revegy, Inc. in developing Revegy Enterprise©, a major enhancement to an existing Revegy product.

Revegy, Inc., a software company that specializes in automating direct and indirect sales processes, had a requirement to enhance their existing software to enable greater collaboration and higher degrees of configurability.

Mark Kopcha says, “While customers were pleased with Revegy’s graphical tools they needed the ability to quickly and easily share this information with team members, clients, and management. In addition, there was a strong need for customers to be able to easily configure their direct and in-direct sales tools to fit their specific sales process, something that has not been available to them in the past”.

The original Revegy standalone application was based upon Microsoft’s .Net framework using C# and XML while the new system is built on the Java platform using Spring, JAX-WS and Hibernate. The deliverable also included an upgrade to the initial standalone application to enhance server communication via XML-based web services. Revegy currently hosts servers on both Windows and Linux platforms using SQL Server and Oracle. This change enabled the system to scale to suit Enterprise requirements.

The new product dramatically enhances the ability of Revegy to compete by helping their client base drive adoption of their sales, customer management, and channel management process.

Core Capabilities

Staff Augmentation, Product Development

Technology Used

.NET, C#, XML, Java, Spring, JAX-WS and Hibernate

About Revegy

Revegy is a privately held technology company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Revegy’s patent-pending software tools are focused on addressing the day-to-day execution needs of individuals and teams responsible for revenue generation through direct sales, channel sales, client management and maintenance retention programs. Revegy helps its clients enable and drive process adoption while providing their associates with the tools they need to be successful. That is why over 4,200 Revegy licenses have been purchased by individuals in companies such as Oracle, Informatica, QAD, McKesson, First Data, and Fiserv. Individuals within these companies use Revegy both stand-alone and in conjunction with their CRM/SFA solutions, to help improve their win rate and provide their company with revenue predictability and forecast confidence.