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SOLTECH Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary as a Trusted National Technology Leader

Atlanta, GA – July 13, 2023 – SOLTECH, a leading national technology company based in Atlanta, proudly announces its 25th anniversary, marking a significant milestone in its journey as a trusted provider of innovative software solutions. Since its inception on July 13, 1998, SOLTECH has been driven by a steadfast commitment to integrity, strong company values, and customer-centricity, which has propelled it to national recognition and success.

The story of SOLTECH began with its founders, Tim and Veanne Smith, who fueled by their shared vision and passion, aspired to establish a company that would not only develop exceptional software solutions but also operate with utmost integrity and a deep commitment to their customers. This led to the birth of SOLTECH, a company dedicated to making the world a better place through innovative software solutions that enhance our lives, safety, health, and productivity. Today, this mission continues to be the driving force behind SOLTECH’s solutions.

Over the past 25 years, SOLTECH has emerged as a trusted technology partner for numerous organizations, both locally and nationwide. With a team of exceptional engineers, designers, and strategists, SOLTECH has consistently delivered cutting-edge custom software development, technology consulting, and IT staffing solutions that address complex business challenges.

“Reaching this significant milestone would not have been possible without the support of our valued clients and the dedication of our exceptional team,” said Veanne Smith, co-founder of SOLTECH. “We are grateful for the trust that our clients have placed in us, and we remain committed to providing them with innovative solutions that drive their success.”

SOLTECH’s commitment to client success and dedication to quality has garnered numerous accolades over the years. The company has been the recipient of multiple national awards, including the prestigious Top Workplaces by AJC, Best & Brightest Company To Work For In the Nation awards, as well as over 40 industry-specific recognition awards for their expertise, being named Top Software Developers in the US, Top Staff Augmentation Company and Top IT Service Company in Georgia, among others.

As SOLTECH celebrates its 25th anniversary, the company looks forward to continuing its tradition of excellence and innovation. With a highly talented team and a strong focus on the latest advancements in technology such as data and analytics, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, SOLTECH is poised to tackle the evolving technological landscape and deliver transformative solutions for its clients.

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