Staffing Case Studies

Greenway Health

Greenway needed assistance in rapidly staffing their Retail Services development team in order to implement one of the largest EHR installations in the country.  In addition, the HealthCloud EHR application needed to be extended to integrate with the drug retail chain’s pharmacy systems.

SOLTECH worked with Greenway Health to recruit a large number of full stack .Net software developers, database developers and quality assurance engineers to make the new EHR implementation a success.

NextGen Healthcare

SOLTECH helped NextGen grow a long-lasting professional services team for their Practice Management software. Technically the team needed to know .Net and have strong database skills, but that was only a part of NextGen's requirements to be a good fit. After several years, all but one of the original members is still on the team.

"We liked to use SOLTECH because the team would come to our office to learn how we interview. We are unorthodox, using group interviews and casual conversations. We would ask questions from Monte Python to how you code to observe group dynamics and how people will fit in our group." says Brett Hampton of NextGen.

"We didn't want the nerdy type that just wanted to code all day. Our team needs to be able to talk to clients who are doctors, nurses and office managers. That was important to us. SOLTECH helped us weed out the people who were not going to fit. They know what the Atlanta market is like. They are local, looking for local people."


SOLTECH assisted Revegy, Inc. in staffing the develop team for Revegy Enterprise, a major enhancement to an existing Revegy product. According to Mark Kopcha, CEO of Revegy, "...SOLTECH delivered individuals who took a genuine interest in our project, proactively suggested improvements, and ensured we were satisfied with the quality of their work and the timing of their deliverables. We look forward to continuing to work with SOLTECH as we address the needs of our rapidly growing customer base."


AdvancED is a non-profit organization that conducts rigorous, on-site accreditation of PreK-12 schools and school systems. Beyond accreditation, AdvancED has a mission to help schools improve and one of the ways they do that is with technology.

After deciding to build a brand new development team, AdvancED asked SOLTECH to help find both full-time and contract-to-perm hires experienced in Java, Spring and general web development.

Craig Konieczka commented on the hiring process: "We weren't the easiest place to get a job with. We were looking for fairly high-end technical talent. SOLTECH knew who could pass our tech screens. We didn't have to comb through a bunch of resumes. They asked a lot of pointed questions and knew the type of personality as well as the technical aptitude we wanted."

Purchasing Power

Purchasing Power offers an on-line finance service that allows employees to make purchases and pay for them overtime through payroll deductions. SOLTECH has helped Purchasing Power hire multiple employees and contractors that specialize in Java and Spring.

"What we always liked about SOLTECH is that when they present a candidate, it is worth our time. SOLTECh does a good job prescreening candidates for technical skills and cultural fit. That is why I have always been happy to work with them," says Alan O'Regan, who was previously the Director of Ecommerce Systems.

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