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Case Study

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LG Electronics (LGE) is a leading consumer electronics, appliance, and mobile device company that offers innovative solutions to “make life good.” LG Air Conditioning Technologies, a division of LGE, is a leading player in the global air conditioning market with innovative commercial and residential air conditioners and building management solutions.

Business Challenge

The LGE HVAC division was experiencing an issue where multiple sources of product, sales, and marketing data existed in different formats and locations. This issue was preventing LGE from using their data to make business decisions that could positively affect their revenue goals. Updating, merging, and keeping that data current was also becoming a challenge.

Trying to resolve these challenges, LGE at first looked to a couple of existing partners familiar with their existing Salesforce setup. However, neither vendor was able to effectively design and implement a solution that would meet their needs. Having several successful project experiences with us on other non-salesforce related work, LGE asked our team to take a look at this problem and offer solutions.

To help the organization be more efficient and strategic, they needed a centralized location where all their organizational departments could access all their data.


We were able to resolve some existing Salesforce development challenges and provide a holistic design that encompassed the sharing of data between operations that required regular data updates. Our solution architects partnered with LGE’s product and marketing teams to discuss requirements and a joint design process to identify the ideal business solution.

The solution implemented included a Salesforce file repository linked to a product database also stored within Salesforce. This solution allowed collaboration between Sales and Operations but still required manual website updates by the Marketing team. We replaced LGE’s aging website solution, and in the new web platform, we integrated live data feeds from Salesforce. This feed supplied the websites with product information and secured website file content available only to LGE business partners. All sales, marketing, and product data now coexist in a single data repository as the source of truth while external system integrations allow the automation of data into and out of the Salesforce system.

In addition, we assisted the LGE marketing team with the implementation of Salesforces’ Pardot marketing automation solution. The marketing team uses Pardot to build and manage marketing campaigns against managed lists of contacts. Pardot is integrated with Salesforce and the leads generated from campaigns are automatically injected into Salesforce for follow-up by the sales team.


Having a single source of truth for all their operational, product, sales, and marketing data has made LGE’s HVAC division nimbler and has given them the ability to react quickly to market needs. Having Salesforce at the center of this implementation has also saved their team a considerable amount of time by eliminating several layers of data management and automating data transfer between consumer-facing websites and backend systems.