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    Jitterbit features

    • Integrate all of your data systems. Whether the application lives on the cloud, on-premise or SaaS, Jitterbit connects them all.
    • Streamline projects. Connect applications and APIs in just mere days, cutting project timelines down by months.
    • Easily create integrations. Jitterbit’s intuitive graphical design studio allows you to create integration processes with simple, intuitive drag-and-drop features.
    • Keep your data clean. With data cleansing and smart reconstruction tools built right in, you won’t have to struggle to alter, manipulate or clean data in your system.
    • Get notified if something goes wrong. Easy-to-use dashboards and alert settings let you identify and fix issues before they become a big problem.
    • Simplify data management with Jitterbit Salesforce. Using Jitterbit data loader, you can easily manage big data with the ability to bulk load, query, update, delete and insert new data.
    • Manage projects across the enterprise. Jitterbit web management console (WMC) lets administrators remotely manage integration projects.

    Jitterbit is a point-to-point integration solution that dramatically shifts the way you work. With proper implementation, your team can take advantage of the quick and easy-to-use functions.