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Jitterbit solution is an advanced point-to-point integration system infused with artificial intelligence that allows you to quickly, easily and securely transfer data between technologies, helping you streamline your processes and deliver projects in days rather than months.

Our experience Jitterbit integration team can help you get started with these solutions:

CRM selection. Before you invest time and money into a big CRM platform, we’ll help you compare options to make sure you’re choosing a software solution that is right for you.

Jitterbit customization and implementation. We’ll go through the initial Jitterbit set-up, inserting foundational company information and tailoring each feature to fit the needs of your organization.

Jitterbit employee training. We’ll provide custom, in-depth training so that every employee understands exactly how to use Jitterbit.

Support every step of the way. We’ll have you implement an enterprise-wide solution and partner with you every stage of the process.

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Jitterbit features

  • Integrate all of your data systems. Whether the application lives on the cloud, on-premise or SaaS, Jitterbit connects them all.
  • Streamline projects. Connect applications and APIs in just mere days, cutting project timelines down by months.
  • Easily create integrations. Jitterbit’s intuitive graphical design studio allows you to create integration processes with simple, intuitive drag-and-drop features.
  • Keep your data clean. With data cleansing and smart reconstruction tools built right in, you won’t have to struggle to alter, manipulate or clean data in your system.
  • Get notified if something goes wrong. Easy-to-use dashboards and alert settings let you identify and fix issues before they become a big problem.
  • Simplify data management with Jitterbit Salesforce. Using Jitterbit data loader, you can easily manage big data with the ability to bulk load, query, update, delete and insert new data.
  • Manage projects across the enterprise. Jitterbit web management console (WMC) lets administrators remotely manage integration projects.

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