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Integration Of Healthcare EHR System

Case Study

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Aveanna Healthcare provides home health solutions and care for patients and families in 25 states through their rapidly growing network of more than 200 branch offices in the US. Their health care solutions offer a variety of care services to over 50,000 children and adults.

Business Goals

Aveanna Healthcare aimed to enhance operational efficiency and care coordination across their extensive network by consolidating multiple Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems into a single, integrated solution. This integration aimed to improve data accuracy, reduce overhead costs, and ensure a seamless flow of information across various departments, ultimately enhancing patient care and compliance.

Business Challenge

Aveanna had a few different EMRs for clinical workers in the field to record visits, OASIS data, diagnosis codes, and other clinical forms. They created a strategic initiative to consolidate those disparate clinical field applications into one. Since they work with over 200 different branches and over 50,000 caregivers, they needed key data to flow seamlessly between their HR solution (Workday), their EMR, and the new clinical solution.

They needed key data to flow seamlessly between their HR solution, their EMR, and the new clinical solution.

We greatly appreciate SOLTECH’s support with our projects and have enjoyed working with them.  They are responsive, knowledgeable, and understand the urgency of what we are working through.”

– Leanna Kinney, VP of Clinical Systems & Applications


Aveanna chose to add NetSmart’s myUnity Clinical (formerly DeVero) to their system. They commissioned SOLTECH to build, test and deploy the solution. Our solution architect managed the integration between myUnity Clinical, their EMR, and Workday (their HR and accounting system). The integrations we did included:

  • Integrating the worker and user data of at least 50,000 staff members from Workday into myUnity and Active Directory.
  • Pulling patient, payer, and physician information into myUnity Clinical from the EMR.
  • Pulling OASIS visits and Diagnosis codes from myUnity Clinical into the EMR
  • Pulling visit clock in and clock out information from myUnity Clinical into Aveanna’s custom EVV (Electronic Visit Verification).

Project Highlights

  • Unified Systems: Consolidation of multiple EMR systems into a single platform to streamline processes.
  • Enhanced Data Management: Improved accuracy and efficiency in data handling across different departments.
  • Scalability: The solution was scaled to handle the data of over 50,000 caregivers and numerous patients effectively.
  • Real-Time Data Access: Enabled real-time access to critical data, enhancing decision-making and care delivery.


Integrating myUnity Clinical has enabled Aveanna to have a more streamlined approach to recording patient visits, recording time around visits, diagnosis, and other industry formats such as OASIS forms. They now have a set of tools that are robust and better suited to their needs.

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