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Salesforce implementation & customization

The large part of the success of Salesforce Sales Cloud depends on how it is implemented, configured and customized. Not only is it essential to know the Salesforce Sales Cloud well, but more importantly, you must understand how to map business processes to application features to ensure Salesforce Sales Cloud supports rather than hinders your sales teams.

This is why an analysis of your business process prior to Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation is key to knowing which features to implement and what customizations will be needed.

Connect with your whole company through Salesforce Sales Cloud to track the journey that your customers take from leads through to a closed sale and beyond. Sales Cloud can effectively track and monitor your marketing and sales pipelines and is an amazing operational management solution with strong customization options.

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    Increase Your Success in Sales

    • Pre-built data models for accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, products/services, orders, contracts, contract pricing, tasks, activities, and events.
    • Built-in report builder and configurable dashboards to track and visualize data in real-time.
    • Ability to extend Sales Cloud with custom data fields and complete unique sets of data through customization.
    • Built-in solution for automating process flows such as email notifications, approval workflows, and custom calculations.
    • Activity tracking such as call logs, task lists and email tracking between internal teams and external customers, partners, and contacts.
    • Integration with other internal systems such as marketing solutions, mass-email solutions, and enterprise resource planning systems.

    Salesforce Sales Cloud includes all of the hallmark Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features built into the Salesforce platform where you can track all activities and interactions with customers and business partners throughout the sales lifecycle.