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WordPress Development Services: Integration and Customization

Do you need to build, or update and improve, a marketing website that also includes an e-commerce store?

There are a number of great e-commerce modules that can be installed and implemented within your site. These additions, along with custom WordPress development services can deliver a branded, marketing website and e-commerce store. It can all be built with a single platform solution.

WordPress has a variety of extensible capabilities and features. However, the platform requires time and a good understanding of WordPress to set up and implement before going live.

Finding a dependable partner that offers custom WordPress website development services can help your company develop the best website possible.

WordPress Features Include:

  • Built-in security and user management for secured websites and portals.
  • Highly configurable look and feel, whether through custom WordPress website design, the marketplace of pre-built skins, or both.
  • Built-in blog and out-of-the-box article publishing solution.
  • Strong support and plug-in add-ons to manage search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Ability to build a small-to-medium scale e-commerce solution by combining WordPress capabilities with popular e-commerce plugins.
  • Ability to truly customize your site via custom plugin development.
  • Platform extension via the WordPress app exchange where hundreds of WordPress plugins can be downloaded.
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    Custom WordPress Development: Build a Site That Fits Your Needs

    Developing on WordPress can offer an extremely flexible foundation upon which to build a customized website, portal or community.

    WordPress CMS was developed as a robust platform, which has allowed it to gain tremendous popularity over the years. With support from a WordPress CMS development services provider, you can realize the best possible website for your business.

    WordPress sites are also highly extensible using pre-built 3rd party plugins, WordPress themes, branded templates, and custom plugins. Our approach to WordPress design and development services means using a variety of tools and workflows to deliver exceptional results.

    WordPress is the largest content management system in the world. It’s an excellent choice if you need a solution that has significant content and website management capabilities.