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Personalized Healthcare with AI Data-Driven Insights

Case Study

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InComm is a leading global payments technology company that specializes in innovative payment processing and prepaid solutions. Since its inception in 1992, InComm has been at the forefront of developing and leveraging technology to transform the shopping experience for consumers, retailers, and brands. With its headquarters located in Atlanta, Georgia, InComm operates in over 30 countries and partners with more than 500,000 points of retail distribution worldwide. 

Business Goals

InComm’s mission is to be the network that transforms the global commerce experience through innovative payment technology for retailers, brands, and consumers with InComm’s Go Studio.  

InComm’s Go Studio is an innovative arm of InComm that focuses on developing cutting-edge digital products and services. It operates as a hub for creativity and technology. Go Studio leverages InComm’s vast network and expertise in financial technology to create solutions that enhance user experiences, streamline payment processes, and offer new value to partners and consumers alike. 

InComm chose SOLTECH to create a proof of concept that utilizes patient data to provide meaningful insights to health plan providers using AI/ML analysis techniques. The insights will help providers better serve their clients, reduce loss of clients, and improve overall plan ratings.

Business Challenge

In a groundbreaking project with InComm, SOLTECH was given the creative freedom to explore insights within the healthcare space. Leveraging InComms expertise and foresight, SOLTECH proactively developed synthetic data models to continue their work uninterrupted, demonstrating remarkable adaptability and preparation for when actual data became available. This preparedness meant that despite initial challenges such as the absence of real data and the open-ended nature of the project’s goals, SOLTECH could maintain progress and readiness for subsequent phases of the project. 

InComm leveraged SOLTECH's expertise to develop an AI/ML-based proof of concept that provides deep, actionable insights to health plan providers.

“SOLTECH helped identified logic gaps in our synthetic data. We were building data; they were trying to make sense of it all and called out gaps that we hadn’t recognized yet.”

– VP of Emerging Technologies, InComm


This innovative approach allowed SOLTECH to smoothly combine AI/ML methodologies with a hypothesis-driven analysis using standard data analytics and PowerBI for interactive visualizations. By focusing on crafting custom insights through a collaborative and flexible methodology, SOLTECH not only navigated the project’s complexities but also delivered valuable, actionable outcomes. The work showcases the effectiveness of creative freedom and strategic innovation in overcoming project challenges, yielding results that promise to significantly impact the healthcare industry by providing deeper, more nuanced understandings tailored to specific needs.


Project Highlights

  • Innovative Partnership: InComm partnered with SOLTECH to create Go Studio which focuses on personalized healthcare analytics. 
  • Synthetic Data Use: Overcame data availability challenges with synthetic data models. 
  • Analysis Methodology Shift: Smoothly combined AI/ML with data analytics and PowerBI for interactive visualizations. 
  • Tailored Healthcare Solutions: Developed insights for customized health plans based on consumer needs.


The proof of concept developed by SOLTECH for InComm’s Go Studio represents a significant leap towards personalized healthcare. Once showcased in the Go Studio, it will demonstrate to leading health plan providers how leveraging deep insights can tailor health plans to individual consumer needs. This initiative promises to transform the healthcare landscape by making health plans more relevant and personalized, thereby enhancing consumer satisfaction and potentially improving health outcomes.

For health plan providers, this not only means a better understanding of their customers but also the ability to offer competitive, effective, and cost-efficient health solutions. In essence, this project paves the way for a more dynamic, consumer-focused healthcare industry, where customized care becomes the norm, benefiting both providers and consumers alike.