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Precept, a renowned ministry spanning over 52 years and operating in 190 countries with content available in 90 languages, sought to embark on a digital transformation journey. The ministry aimed to reach a new generation through the Yarrow brand, leveraging digital platforms to facilitate an immersive experience with religious teachings. 

Business Goals

In a strategic move towards digital transformation, Precept aimed to engage a new generation by developing a mobile application to facilitate personal experiences with their products, aiming to meet individuals at various stages in their life journey. The Yarrow brand, encompassing a website, social media presence, hard copy books, and the planned mobile app, formed the cornerstone of this endeavor.  

The initiative began with rigorous vendor selection and internal scoring, leading to the identification of SOLTECH as one of the final three companies. With a focus on building an extensible technology stack for iOS and Android, extensive market research was conducted to ensure alignment with business objectives and user needs. This marked a pivotal step towards achieving Precept’s vision for digital outreach and product development. 

Creating the Yarrow app—a transformative platform facilitating immersive religious experiences.

Business Challenge

Precept aspired to adapt to the evolving digital landscape by creating an application to engage and educate individuals on spiritual matters. The goal was to connect with a broader audience and provide a meaningful experience with religious teachings through a digital medium. Challenges arose as the functional app development coincided with Precept creating the Yarrow brand. Additionally, the need for adaptability was essential as the target demographic’s preferences shifted, requiring responsive adjustments to the app’s features and business model.

“Every one of their team members practices active listening, which is a lost art. Active listening is crucial to understanding and empathizing with what we’re trying to do as a business. SOLTECH understands our goals and where we want to move forward with the product.” – Mark Adams, CTO, Precept


SOLTECH undertook the challenge by collaborating closely with Precept to build a robust application and digital ecosystem. The strategic and technical approach included: 

  1. Data Understanding and Implementation: SOLTECH processed the project requirements, comprehended the data, and developed an extensive architecture to support the envisioned application. 
  2. Content Management and Customization: Leveraging Contentful’s capabilities, SOLTECH provided Precept with the flexibility to manage their content effectively, including the transformation of the Bible into a database accessible through the app. 
  3. User-Engagement Enhancements: A gamification solution was integrated into the app, enabling users to interact with highlighted Bible passages, thereby enhancing user engagement and differentiation within the Yarrow app. 
  4. Technological Foundation: React Native and NodeJS were utilized to develop an extensible and standardized technology stack that would serve as the foundation for future product developments. 


The release of the Yarrow app in November marked a significant milestone, with the forthcoming marketing push poised to further establish the brand in the marketplace. The app’s strategic adaptation to changing user needs and preferences has positioned Precept for impactful engagement with its audience. 

The engagement with SOLTECH left a notable impact on Precept’s senior leadership and board of directors. SOLTECH’s proactive and flexible approach, coupled with effective project management, garnered appreciation from the Precept team.