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In this article, we will tackle one of the first questions we get asked by our clients: How much does custom software development cost to build? It is a tough question to answer for anyone in […]

Data warehouses are a game-changer for businesses looking to make informed decisions and drive long-term success. Despite this, many organizations struggle to effectively leverage these robust tools. However, staying informed of the latest innovative […]

In this article, we describe the three main phases that a custom software project goes through, and the typical software development timeline. Understanding a typical custom software development timeline can help you make more […]


Businesses today are constantly seeking innovative solutions to outpace their competitors, enhance efficiency, and deliver unmatched customer experiences. One technological advancement stands out in this quest: Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this article, we will […]


An insight into the cost benefits and appropriateness of hiring a fractional CTO. As a business leader, one of the challenges you might face is determining whether you need a full-time Chief Technology Officer […]


In today’s digital age, technology plays a critical role in the success of any business. However, not all businesses can afford to hire a full-time CTO (Chief Technology Officer). This is where a fractional […]


The decision to build a mobile app brings with it a certain amount of anticipation. It’s natural to picture new connections with consumers and a steep uptick in sales for your company. Those things […]

A group of developers collaborate on a project.

There are plenty of ways to organize and define web applications. In certain contexts, you may want to divide web apps by their intended audience and function. In others, it can make the most […]

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The process of building a mobile app is relatively straightforward. It is true that the software industry has varying opinions on how mobile apps should be built, like waterfall vs. agile. However, at the […]

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In a world where online applications are an indelible part of software development, cybersecurity risks are a given. And if a breach sidelines your company, you lose time and resources as you right the […]