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How Do I Market My Software Product?

Market Your Mobile Application

One of the hardest parts of getting your mobile application built isn’t always the development stage, it is figuring out how to market your mobile application. At SOLTECH, we’re asked this often. The answer isn’t as simple as “do this” or “do that.” What has been successful for our clients is: getting press, creating a microsite to preview the content and social media marketing.

market your mobile application

How Do I Get Press for My Mobile Application?

This is a great question that everyone asks. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can create your own press releases by searching for examples online. (Though, it may be best to hire a marketing firm to do this.) Take the press release, a code to download your mobile application for free (if it costs money), and send this out to relevant press.

This will take some time to find the contact information for each person – be persistent and don’t give up.

While you may want to send it to your local newspapers for reviews (be sure to send it to the appropriate contact; i.e. if it is an application is focused on pop culture, send it to the arts and entertainment editor and the editor who writes about technology.)

You should also send it to relevant bloggers and social media influencers. Do make sure you are finding people who are in the same niche market as your application. While some may charge a fee to review and publish an article about your application, some do not.

Also, pitch your application to app review sites like 148apps and  AppStoreApps. These are specific to reviewing applications and will be a great push for marketing your application if the sites mention you.

market your mobile application

Does My Mobile Application Need a Microsite?

A microsite can be very simple but an effective way to help in marketing your new application. If your application is a game, this can be a way to explain what the game is about, showcasing content.

In addition to the microsite, you can add an email capture. This will allow users to input their email address to be updated with an email about the launch or an update to your application.

market your mobile application

Promote Your Mobile Application on Social Media

Be sure you are utilizing all social media channels to promote your application, and not just from your personal account. Creating an account specific to the application will also be a great way to market your application by following other apps, potential users, reviewers, and bloggers.

Lastly, make good use of App Store Optimization (ASO) to ensure your application is easy to find in the app store. Similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), effective ASO will require you to use keywords and phrases in the title and description of your application when uploading it to the app store. In addition, be sure to name your application something that users will understand from the get-go. For example, if your application is for creating to-do lists, be sure to have that in the name of the application you are creating.

The more buzz you create around your application, the better the chances of it getting picked up by a larger media to use and review your application.

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