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SOLTECH Spotlight: Kathy Sims, Client Lead

Kathy is a native Georgian, which is something you don’t come by often in Atlanta, and SOLTECH Spotlight KSshe’s spent her entire career in the city. She’s been married to her husband for 30 years, has two sons, one grandson and is known to load them all up and take them glamping (think: the Griswolds in an RV)  in one of the many beautiful state parks we have here in Georgia.

Kathy is the ultimate go-getter, the organizer, the forward-thinker, and she’s this week’s SOLTECH Spotlight.

What do you like most about working at SOLTECH? The people I work with and the opportunity to see some of the interesting projects that businesses need. It feels good to help solve their problems (either staffing or project needs).

Who would you most like to swap places with for one day? Oprah Winfrey – she seems to be involved in so many interesting things which all involve people, fun and generally trying to help serve the greater good…I like helping people.

What inspires you? To see kindness still exists even when we have some crazy things happening in the world. For example, I saw on the news that a dog fell through a crack in some rocks in the freezing cold while hiking with his owner.  People came and volunteered from various places and tried to save the dog just because they cared.  It gives us all a little hope and proof that kindness is still out there.

How would you explain what you do at SOLTECH to a child? I help people solve their work problems.

Pizza or tacos? Pizza

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