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SOLTECH Spotlight: Natalie Brown, Talent Acquisition Specialist

Natalie is a Lexington, Kentucky native who decided six months ago to pack up and head to Atlanta, and we’re so glad she did! When she isn’t scouring the city for top-notch talent, she can usually be found in a yoga studio, as an instructor or a student. Or, during office hours, she can often be found trying to teach software developers to meditate.

What do you like most about working at SOLTECH? Everyone says this, but it’s the people! We have such a great group here that genuinely like working together. Everyone is so friendly and helpful!

How would you explain your job to a child? Every day I talk to new people and learn about who they are and what they like to do. Once I get to know them I can help them find a new job.

If you were in a technology-themed band, what would the name of your first album be? Serenades in C# by The .NETalie Band

What’s your favorite app? Instagram. I’m on it all the time. It’s a way for me to connect with other yogis and now with my work profile, I’m connecting with developers around the world which is really cool!

*Editor’s note: her IG is meetmein_atl and you should totally follow her.

What is your go-to music while working? Anything upbeat. Mostly pop or country.

Pizza or tacos? Easy, tacos!


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