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Kevin Albert

What are you responsible for in your role, and what does a normal day in your job look like?

I am responsible for ensuring I deliver my part of the solution with the utmost quality and within a timely manner. The majority of my day consists of writing code and collaborating with teammates on solutions. It’s important for me to stay in contact with my team regarding my progress because my work almost always impacts their progress as well as that of the company.

I also attend a daily stand-up meeting with developers, architects, and other stakeholders to prioritize and plan our work for the next few days and receive an update on what all other team members are working on. Other agile activities may occur during a typical day as well depending on the sprint plan.

What attracted you to work at SOLTECH, and how did you know it would be a good fit?

I joined SOLTECH because of all of the opportunities to work with different types of software, clients, and teams. I’ve worked in some traditional product software companies and although these give employees the benefit of gaining in-depth knowledge on how a product works and can be enhanced, a company like SOLTECH allows you to gain a wide range of expertise across multiple industries. Through my experience at SOLTECH, I have been able to work with clients in many industries such as healthcare, military, consumer electronics, and more. I knew SOLTECH would be a good fit when I started my first project at the company and I was immediately treated as part of the team with responsibilities that allowed me to significantly contribute.

Tell us about when you’ve felt most proud of your work or colleagues.

I’ve felt most proud of my work when I was tasked with creating an integration solution with two systems that had never been integrated before, and no one was sure it was even possible. Usually when I’m able to accomplish something that I wasn’t sure could be done, it’s a satisfying feeling.

I generally feel the same pride when my colleagues succeed. I work with a lot of very smart people who amaze me all the time with what they know and what they can accomplish even without knowing how they’re going to do it before starting the development phase. Integration projects are sometimes the most difficult to develop, but are often the most rewarding once they are working.

What do you value most about SOLTECH’s culture?

What I value most about my company’s culture is how there is always an optimistic feeling across the company. SOLTECH is very quick to celebrate wins and show appreciation to those who helped drive those successes.

SOLTECH is unique because it offers the employee perks of a larger company while retaining the culture of a smaller one. It is not unusual to find the owners walking around the office while striking up casual conversations with all levels of employees throughout the day. Since SOLTECH specializes in consulting, it is also common for employees to learn and work with various technologies while on the job, which make them more marketable.

How has SOLTECH shown appreciation for your work? What kinds of employee achievements are recognized?

I have received many forms of appreciation for my work from all levels of the company. When I started my career at SOLTECH about three years ago, there was a type of currency called “SOLTECH bucks” that was deemed as a form of recognition payment from coworkers. It is humbling to have a colleague hand you a piece of paper emulating currency with a nice hand-written message on it about how you helped him or her through a challenge. I have also received verbal and written recognition from my direct managers as well as the owners of the company about how I have stretched my abilities to learn some new technologies or help other teams to develop a solution.

What advice do you have for someone in your field applying to jobs at SOLTECH?

I would advise anyone looking to apply for a job at SOLTECH to exude confidence and a willingness to learn and take challenges head-on. That is a large part of being a consultant. Clients understand that software consultants do not know the exact syntax of every technology ever made and may not have the best solution for every problem immediately, but they hire SOLTECH to do their best to solve them. Showing that you can take on a challenge strategically and derive some well-thought-out solutions will prove you can be successful as an employee here.

It’s also important to show you can work well with a wide range of people. You will inevitably work with many different types of teams and professionals while at SOLTECH, so you will need to learn their personality styles quickly and collaborate effectively and accordingly.

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