On time, on budget, on point – always

Over almost two decades, SOLTECH has cemented their position as a leader in custom software, Graphic-Visual
and they’re busy spearheading the technological revolution.

Today, every business needs two kinds of applications; an internal; for staff use only to manage payroll documents, leave days and generally to keep abreast with what is going on within their company.  A business also needs an external application that is created purely to service their clientele.

SOLTECH engineers both types of applications with their state-of-the-art technology and team of experts.  Not only will we develop an application that is unique to your business, but we will assist you through the entire process from the concept to long-term ongoing support.

SOLTECH offers high-quality applications that support a wide range of deployment modes, including on-premise, mobile, cloud, and more; ask SOLTECH what kind would suit you best.

SOLTECH has the experience, resources and creativity to develop, deploy and maintain the best applications for your business needs – on time, on budget, on point – always.

Want to learn more?  Please send us a request for information or contact us at 404.601.6000 or info@soltech.net