We are ready to implement your project

At SOLTECH, technology is our passion. We love creating awesome software solutions for our clients. Our technology team is one of the best, we are game changers in the market and that is why we are different.

We understand and leverage the latest in technology solutions. Our defined process allows us to create and develop the best solutions for your budget. Nothing is too complex for our engineers and we provide peace of mind through our entire process. Starting with a blueprint, our clients are aware of exactly how the project with run and see the various stages of completion.

In order to provide our clients the best possible solutions, SOLTECH invests in our technology team, giving them training and access to the industry leading technology resources, in turn giving our clients the best outcomes.

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Unique ideas deserve custom solutions

When you have a unique software product idea, an unusual business problem to solve or a specialized process to automate, you may find yourself considering a custom software solution. At SOLTECH, we do not believe that every custom software solution requires ground-up development. Once we understand your needs, our team will try to identify and utilize existing foundational products or frameworks that can be customized to fit your exact need while speeding up your implementation timeframe and reducing costs.

SOLTECH has specialized in unique and unusual software solutions since 1998 and we always welcome new challenges for our engineering teams. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to custom software. We go to great lengths to make sure we select the best technology to meet your needs, which is why the SOLTECH software engineering team is comprised of specialists across many engineering disciplines including .NET, Java, PHP, HTML 5, JavaScript, Mobile and Business Intelligence.

When most people think of custom software the immediate thoughts that come to mind are the engineering and coding aspects of the overall solution, but that is only half of the battle. In addition to our engineering teams, SOLTECH involves our Solution Architecture and User Experience teams in every custom software project to insure that your software isn’t just built well but that it meets your needs, looks great and your users are thrilled using it.

If you have a need for a custom software solution, then take a moment to learn more about our custom software development services and approach to building a solution that is as unique as your business.

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Mobile platforms are shifting the way we access information.

Tablets, iPhone and other mobile platforms are shifting the way we access information that we want here and now.

Businesses are using mobile technologies to drive efficiencies – enabling the access to information when on the go, at any time of the day.

Our mobile apps development team develop highly responsive applications that are user friendly and offer the highest in functional excellence. We have the knowledge and expert skills to deliver your vision as a reality.

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A guide for your IT roadmap

A great technology solution starts out with careful consideration and a well-crafted execution plan. Once you’ve identified a business goal, vision or problem to solve, the SOLTECH Solution Architecture team can help you translate your vision into an implementation roadmap. Our strategic software consulting service is ideal for assessing technical options, packaged product review and selection, requirements gathering and general consulting about impactful technology decisions on the horizon. Having worked with hundreds of businesses from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries who successfully grew their business with technology, SOLTECH is in a unique position to share a wealth of perspective, as well as key methods and principles that worked for these companies.

If you have IT projects on the horizon and would like assistance defining your move forward strategy, please take a moment to learn more about SOLTECH’s Solution Architecture team and our strategic software consulting services.
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Apps people love to use

Technology is now a part of our everyday lives. We use software to perform our jobs, pay our bills, communicate with friends and access real-time information wherever and whenever the need arises. We all have our favorite applications that are efficient, easy to learn and a joy to use but then there’s the all too common experience of battling with software that is slow, confusing and riddled with work-arounds.

At SOLTECH, we don’t just build great applications, we build great user experiences with intuitive designs that are fun to use. While our engineering team focuses on the function of your application, our User Experience team will focus on the form. A great user experience begins with an eye catching look and feel but it’s really the nuances of navigation, interface controls, layout, flow of information and general intuitiveness of the functional elements of your application that define the experience.

If you are considering development of a new application or web site, please take a moment to learn more about User Experience Design and how our process combines form and function during application design.

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More than pictures and words

Great website development takes an orchestration of several specialties and skill sets to make your investment truly meet the ever increasing demands of today’s savvy web users. Websites today require much more than just pictures and words. Modern web sites must consider creative feel, user experience, mobile support, responsive design, usage analytics, social sharing, content strategy, search engine optimization and an approach for regular content updates and easy system maintenance. Beyond just the technical elements, your website needs to reflect your brand and your goals, and the web site interactive design should be centered on your business vision and message.

SOLTECH utilizes Creative Designers, User Experience Engineers and Software Engineers in the construction of outstanding websites and web applications. In creating your solution, we often utilize open source content management tools that will help you manage content on your own without having to call a programmer each time you have a site maintenance need. When you do have a maintenance need that requires technical changes, you can rest assured that our support team has your back.

If you are in need of a new website or just a web site refresh, please take a moment to learn more about our Website Development services.

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Content changes shouldn’t require a programmer

Web sites, or web applications that have a mixture of content and functionality, are excellent candidates for using a Content Management System (CMS). Content management systems provide the underlying foundation for non-technical site administrators to make changes to a web site without calling a programmer. Additionally, content management systems offer a great way to start your website off quickly and affordably by including out of box capabilities like login, registration, user management, security and the ability to add and edit web pages with no programming required. With a large selection of pre-built modules available in the app marketplace ,and the ability to build custom modules, there is plenty of opportunity to extend the out-of-box functionality that a CMS provides to meet your particular needs.

SOLTECH has extensive experience working with content management systems including both open source and enterprise content management systems such as Evoq (formerly DotNetNuke), Joomla, Drupal, SiteCore and Sharepoint. Our team can help you compare the different content management solutions available today to confirm which system would be most fitting to your situation.

If you think a content management solution is a good fit for your needs or you would like more information on situations where SOLTECH recommends this approach, please take a moment to learn more about our content management services.

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Tools of the Trade

SOLTECH works with a full-suite of technologies to insure that we always have the best solution available to whatever unique challenges our clients bring to us. Below is a list of the most common technologies we use to deliver solutions for our clients but we are always evolving so give us a call if you are looking for something that hasn’t made it to the list yet.