One of the benefits of custom software is that that it can be modified over time to keep up with your business changes and new technologies. The first step in keeping your software current […]


Proactively managing software costs is understandably a big priority when you are launching a software project. Below are eight recommendations on how you can save money and reduce costs when building software. 1. Create […]


    Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Real World Welcome back to the fourth season of Atlanta Business Impact Radio. We’re  excited to be back for another round of inspiring conversations with influential leaders […]

SOLTECH Spotlight

Natalie is a Lexington, Kentucky native who decided six months ago to pack up and head to Atlanta, and we’re so glad she did! When she isn’t scouring the city for top-notch talent, she […]


In some ways, redesigning a legacy system is easier than building an application from scratch. Chances are you will want to make more than a few improvements to your new application, but your existing […]

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As the software product owner, you are the most important person of the software project.  You give the vision, the details of what the software needs to do, the direction on how the software should look, […]

software estimates

Software estimates, as the name conveys, is a way to come up with a price to build a particular piece of software. In terms of detail and accuracy, estimates run the gamut. An estimate […]