What are SSAS, SSIS, and SSRS?

Microsoft SQL Server provides many tools to manage and utilize your data. SSAS is Microsoft SQL Server’s Analysis Services which an online analytical processing (OLAP), data mining and reporting tool used in Business Intelligence to make your data work for you.

SSIS stands for Sql Server Integration Services. The key power of SSIS is its data transformation and migration capability. When building a data warehouse or a data mart, the data needs to be extracted out of the various different transactional systems and flat files, transformed and loaded to where it can then be analyzed and reported on. The data extraction, transformation and loading is known as ETL and is a common term in data migration and Business Intelligence.

SSRS stands for Sql Server Reporting Services. Once data is in its final state, either in the native transactional system or transformed into a datamart or datawarehouse, SSRS provides the tools necessary to create reports to better understand your data. These three tools are often used together to support your data analysis needs and come part of Microsoft Sql Server.

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