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For many people, a website is what pops up when you type a URL into your browser. But, not every URL you visit is actually a website. Sometimes you’re visiting a web application. This […]


Moving can be both thrilling and scary. Removing yourself from the familiarities of your current city and into a new, unknown place can be intimidating. And, it can also put a dent in your […]

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    Written by: Scott Burkey, SOLTECH’s Project Lead. He focuses on aligning web app solutions with business strategy, industry realities, and user experience.   When engaging a software firm there are absolutely some […]

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Solutions Architect, Nael Alismail, made his way to Atlanta three years ago, by way of Birmingham, Alabama. He has a Masters of Science in Software Engineering from The University of West Florida, and once spent […]

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Before beginning a new software project, it’s important that product owners understand who will be using their new software, and why. Creating user personas allows delivery of the most relevant and desired features to […]


Just like in life, in software development, it’s impossible to predict every hang-up, pitfall, and success. No matter the size and complexity of the project, someone is bound to change their mind, users will […]


  CLOGGING THE BRAIN DRAIN   Welcome to the eighth episode of season three, where we’re exploring innovation and talking with business leaders about how they have incorporated innovative approaches to the work they do. In this […]

Veanne Smith: Hello and welcome to Atlanta business Impact Radio. We’re your host Veanne Smith and Sarah Lodato. We’re so excited to have our listeners join us for another episode of season 3 where […]


Having been in the software development business for 19 years, we’ve heard every reason in the book for a developer to quit: He just disappeared She got a better job offer He just stopped […]


Your workflow system is the brains of your operation. It keeps all your customer data, manages your client interactions, and makes day-to-day life within your company moving smoothly and efficiently. Until it doesn’t… What […]