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Reasons to Consider Upgrading Your Outdated Workflow

Your workflow system is the brains of your operation. It keeps all your customer data, manages your client interactions, and makes day-to-day life within your company moving smoothly and efficiently. Until it doesn’t…

What are you to do when your old workflow software hinders productivity and stalls your customers’ ability to connect with the company? This is when you should start considering a custom software solution.


Why You Should Consider Custom Software

Out-of-the-box workflow software is designed to meet the most everyday needs of your typical company. But, what happens when you find your company is going from average company to an exceptional company, with needs that an off-the-shelf solution just doesn’t meet? You should look into a custom software solution.

Here are four reasons to consider taking that step:

  • You have unique requirements an off-the-shelf solution can’t meet. Don’t tailor your business to an out-of-the-box software. Make your software work for you.
  • Your current software isn’t compatible with other apps, such as Salesforce. Analytics, call logs, customer data – these things can be routed through outside apps to create a seamless workflow.
  • You have an idea that will make your process unique and cutting edge, but your workflow system won’t compute. Don’t let your old software stifle your dreams and ideas.
  • You plan on growing your company. When you use custom software, you have the freedom to add to, modify, and expand your software when necessary. With an out-of-the-box workflow, what you get it what you see.


The main take away from this article should be that custom software provides functionality and flexibility that an off-the-shelf solution just can’t. At SOLTECH, we’ve built hundreds of custom workflow systems and we’ve seen, first hand, the value they bring to a company.

If your business is being held back by a poor performing workflow system, talk to us. We’d love to talk about how SOLTECH can help you solve your workflow woes.

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