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Creating a Network After Moving to a New City

Moving can be both thrilling and scary. Removing yourself from the familiarities of your current city and into a new, unknown place can be intimidating. And, it can also put a dent in your professional contacts – mentors, recruiters, business owners, etc.

Here are a few tips we have for you if you’re looking to rebuild your professional network in a new city:

Tell People Where You’re Going

Consider reaching out to your current networks and see what connections you may already have in your new city. If you’re a college graduate, it is a good idea to consider alumni groups. They often have chapters in most major cities, and could provide an excellent starting point for revamping your network.

If you’re not moving to a large city, try expanding your efforts to grow your network into the nearest large city. When you expand your network, you are able to meet people you’d otherwise never be introduced to. Better still, if you are nearby more than one large city, network in both! It will be worth your travel time.


Join Local Professional Groups and Keep an Open Mind

Today, there are plenty of organizations created to help people with similar interests meet one another. Most popular is MeetUp. This is a fantastic resource for meeting anyone with any interest or in any industry.

Keep an open mind about where your next meaningful connection could come from. Whether you’re standing in line to refill your drink or meeting someone at a MeetUp event, some of your best connections will come from the most unexpected places.

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Always Stay in Touch

In today’s world, there really is no excuse to not keeping in touch with your network, even if you live across the country (or outside of it). Don’t let geography deter you from making and maintaining important, consequential connections. You may need to set a calendar reminder each month to reach out to those you haven’t spoken with in a while, but it’s not impossible and it’s certainly worth the effort.

If you consider the things above, rebuilding your network after you move to a new city will be a breeze, and professionally, you shouldn’t skip a beat.

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