Mobile Applications are revolutionizing the way companies do business and how our society operates. When a company defines a new need for technology, it is now equally important to assess the requirements for a mobile application. The mobility of our society and the demand for immediate, on-the-go information requires companies to think differently about the way technology is used in their business.

Mobile applications can be developed as a standalone application or from an existing web application to add additional value by enabling mobile access.


These mobile applications allow use of a standard web application through optimized page layouts, graphics and content for the small screen of a mobile device while optimizing the data stream to compensate for the slower wireless networks.

SOLTECH specializes in several areas within Mobile Development. We can provide services to build custom mobile applications that extend the value of your current web applications to enable access to reference and update enterprise data outside the physical limitations of offices and cables. In addition, we can provide development of standalone mobile applications, not based on a previously developed web application.

If you are unsure which type of application is best for your business needs, working with our skilled SOLTECH consultants will provide you the knowledge to make the most informed business decision possible. Either solution is proven to provide your company with increased value for your business, anywhere, at anytime.

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