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Should I Buy or Build My ERP Software?

Every software project is different and every business has its own challenges.  But, we hear some common themes from our clients as to why they chose to build instead of buying their ERP software. Here are a few…

  • Off the shelf software doesn’t offer the functionality they need
  • There’s too much functionality so they’d end up paying for unneeded features
  • Yearly maintenance costs are too high
  • The business would need to conform to the software

ERP software

Customized ERP Software

Our clients often ask us what kind of software they can create, and our answer is anything. If you can dream it, chances are it can be built. That is what is so great about custom software. You can make it do whatever you want.

ERP software is no different. But, there are a few common wishlist items.

  • Online Quoting Creators: clients can get an instant quote with the click of a button  
  • Scheduling: whether it’s a project manager, plant supervisor, marketing specialist, everyone can view project schedules to keep work moving down the pipeline
  • Shipping Modules: integrate with all of the major shipping companies
  • Accounting Integration: software that can speak to nearly every accounting tool out there
  • Reporting: real-time reports on all of your data

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Getting it built

After choosing a software partner, the first step to most software projects, no matter what’s being built, is a thorough discovery session. It’s important for your software firm to know exactly what you’re expecting from your new software.

At SOLTECH, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients to solve their business challenges, and we’d like to help you find a solution, too. If you’re ready to begin your search for the perfect software partner, let us know.

To help businesses make the right choice in software partner, we created this free eBook. Learn the most important questions to ask before making a decision.

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