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website vs. mobile app vs. mobile responsive


The process to build a mobile app is relatively straightforward. It is true that the software industry has varying opinions on how mobile apps should be built like waterfall vs. agile, but at the […]

technology staffing firm, buy-in


  Written by John Oxford      At SOLTECH, we’re always thinking of ways to be more efficient with our clients’ time and money. A topic of discussion lately has been focused around using Kinesis and Lambda. Is […]

best software firm


In a world full of options, narrowing down the best software firm to develop your custom software project can be difficult. We’re often asked by potential clients, “what is the best way to find […]

responsive website, app idea


Website vs. Mobile App vs. Mobile Responsive As a software solutions firm, we are often asked what the difference is between a website vs. mobile app vs. mobile responsive. We understand that it can be confusing […]

difference between a recruiter and a headhunter


If you have a software idea and have been talking to software development companies and firms, you have probably run across the word Agile and are wondering what all the hype is about. If […]

market your mobile application


A question SOLTECH is asked by many of our new clients is this – which should I build first – website vs. mobile application? The answer isn’t so cut and dry as to simply chose […]

bad software


Software Budgets Budgeting isn’t an easy task no matter what it is you’re balancing – bills, groceries, saving to buy a home, or more specifically, a custom software project. At SOLTECH, we are often asked […]



There are numerous opportunities made possible by modernizing your legacy systems. But not all projects maximize the potential value, impact, and return on investment. In this article, we cover the common pitfalls you will […]

software design trends


Many of our clients aren’t sure what they want their custom software to look like – and that’s ok! At SOLTECH we’ve designed and developed thousands of applications for both mobile and web, giving […]

mobile, value, advantages


Nowadays, we’re seeing more startups and mom-and-pop boutiques launch mobile applications. At SOLTECH, our clients are constantly asking us if they need a mobile application in addition to their desktop website. We understand why […]

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