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Three Of the Best Project Manager Tools

Being a project manager requires a juggling act of skills related to time management, organization, communication, and finance. Project Managers must be able to keep the project within its deadline and timeline, keep the team organized, communicate to the client and the developers, as well as be able to keep the project within its budget. At SOLTECH, our project managers rely heavily on specific software and tools to aid them in their success. While it depends on the type of project, the following three project manager tools are commonly used: Trello, Jira, and Microsoft Project.

Trello Keeps You Organized

Staying organized is the key to a project manager’s success. As project managers must track scopes and timelines for the entire project, in addition to each person working on the project.

Trello assists in helping the project manager stay organized. Trello is a set of cards that you can move from different boards. It is ultimately a well-designed to-do list where you can add members of the project team to the board for everyone to contribute.

This tool also emails you notifications when something is added to the board which is helpful with communication across all size teams.

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JIRA Helps Run Agile Projects

Running Agile projects is a bit easier with tools like JIRA.

JIRA not only allows each user to log their hours and track their time, but one of its core features is its requirement management. Seen as a detailed “to do list” – the requirement section includes all the specifics for the project – including functional and business requirements of what the software or product must do.

Microsoft Project Aides With Estimations and Scope

Budgets are a key part of every project and using software such as Microsoft Project can help with that.

The budget features for Microsoft Project creates the budgets based on the assigned tasks as well as the rates. The software calculates the cost by analyzing the rates of the person doing the specific task – giving you an overview at the task level and project level.

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Project Manager Tools

Other tools project managers tend to gravitate towards are: Excel, Asana, Basecamp, VersionOne, and Toggl.

Finding what works best for you and your team is essential. If one doesn’t fit your team’s specific needs, try another. Eventually, you will be able to find one that keeps the project manager and the team organized as well as keep communication between the team open.

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