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Male and female software developers work together to build a new mobile app.

By: Tim Smith

The great thing about building your own mobile app is that you can create something that is new or different than what is available today. Even though millions of mobile apps have been built, […]



One of the benefits of custom software is that that it can be modified over time to keep up with your business changes and new technologies. The first step in keeping your software current […]


If you are new to software development and wondering how you go from idea to software, there are really three basic approaches. You can hire a single person, you can hire a software project […]

updating software


In some ways, redesigning a legacy system is easier than building an application from scratch. Chances are you will want to make more than a few improvements with your new application, but your existing […]

website, mobile app


A question SOLTECH is asked by many of our new clients is this – which should I build first – website vs. mobile app? The answer isn’t so cut and dry as to simply chose […]

project timeline, longer than expected


It is true that one of the major problems with building web or mobile apps is that software projects take longer than planned. In this article, we take an honest look at the common reasons […]


Fixed Price/Fixed Cost Software Projects and The Delivery Process There are two parts to our software delivery process. The first is the software design and the second is the software development. We do offer […]



When you buy a house, you can start out by driving through neighborhoods that appeal to you, and compare what you see to the asking prices of the homes for sale. With this information, […]

getting started


1. Get Excited! To get started with your software project, get excited! Building software is fun. You are creating something that has never been built before in the way you want to build it. […]

pros, cons, custom-built software


Because of the time and capital investment, custom-built software isn’t right for everyone. If you are considering a custom-built software application but are on the fence, this article is for you. We have listed below the […]

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