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By: Soltech

I had the pleasure of listening to Catherine for the first time at an AxIO Security Round Table discussion.  Although the event hosted several IT and business executives, you couldn’t help but pay special attention […]


By: Soltech

Excel spreadsheets and Access databases are a popular tool for small to medium sized businesses in need of a productivity boost.  It is not surprising as these tools are readily available, flexible and easy to learn. […]


By: Soltech

When I wake up in the morning, one of the first things I do is check my email on my phone. Over breakfast I’ll also check Twitter, my RSS feeds and a few blogs […]


By: Soltech

We love technology at SOLTECH.  It should come as no surprise that our office has been discussing and debating health-related technology devices for months.  Several team members have adopted FitBit and compete against each […]


By: Soltech

A Product Manager’s Dilemma As many product managers and start-ups have come to realize, when you decide to build a mobile app, you are immediately faced with a tough decision.  Each mobile app platform […]


By: Soltech

As a client ambassador at SOLTECH, one of the first things I like to do to get to know our clients is to read their website. This helps me better understand their market expertise, […]


By: Soltech

Returning Entity Types from a Stored Procedure In the course of developing transactional applications, we often hear developers grumble about the limitations of Entity Framework, or the difficulty in using LINQ to create complex […]


By: Soltech

This past weekend as our clocks “sprung-forward”, 34 budding software developers lept into serious, around the clock action.  The students from@TheIronYard were competing in a software engineering contest to create the coolest web and mobile applications based […]


By: Soltech

As a Project Manager (or PM), organization is key to running a successful web or mobile application project. With multiple projects on your plate, it is ideal to have a receptionist, an assistant and […]


By: Soltech

Every day we come across companies where a relationship with a previous technology vendor has gone sour and a new vendor must pick up where the old one left off. At SOLTECH, we understand […]

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