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What is the Best Way to Find the Best Software Firm To Build My Project?

In a world full of options, narrowing down the best software firm to develop your custom software project can be difficult. We’re often asked by potential clients, “what is the best way to find the best software firm to build my project?” Since it is not an easy task, we understand that finding the perfect fit can be stressful. What are some of the best ways to find the right firm? We suggest: asking friends and colleagues for recommendations, Googling local software firms, and taking a look at review platforms like Yelp.

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Should I Trust A Friend’s Recommendation?

A great way to learn about a service or company is through a recommendation.

Word of mouth is one of the most common ways people refer and suggest just about everything – a new restaurant, their favorite new film, and even places like dry cleaners or car dealerships.

When a customer has an excellent experience, they are going to talk about it. The customer is going to encourage his or her friends to either use or not use this service, depending on how they experienced it. Think through your list of acquaintances, do you know anyone who has had software built? Ask them who they went to and about their experience.

If you don’t know anyone, ask around on social media – perhaps, specifically LinkedIn. More than likely, someone in your network will have a place to recommend.

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If You Don’t Know, Google It

Once someone has referred you to a software firm to potentially build your project, Google them.

In the Google search, you will see relevant companies which you can also take the time to read up on. In addition, you will likely find examples of the firm’s work and their social media sites.

Browse through everything to get a feel for if the firm will be a good fit for you. Other websites that may pop up in your search are blogs. Blogs could be either a company or person reviewing the software firm (either positively or negatively) or, it could be the firm’s own blog.

All of this will give you great insight.

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How Many Stars Do They Have?

As mentioned before, customers who have an excellent (or terrible) experience will likely write about it online. Read the reviews on Google and Yelp.

If some of the comments are negative, take into consideration the date it was posted. Was it recent or was it an old post? If the comments discuss how pleased they are with the work the software firm did, it would make sense to consider this company.

Don’t let the reviews and comments completely persuade you though. While it is easy to believe everything you read online, it is always best to take each reviewer’s comment with a grain of salt.

Using these ways to find a software firm should be a guideline. It never hurts to inquire with multiple companies, asking for their client success stories, portfolio of work and of course, a quote of the project you are looking to have built.

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