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Which Should I Build First? Website vs. Mobile Application

A question SOLTECH is asked by many of our new clients is this – which should I build first – website vs. mobile application? The answer isn’t so cut and dry as to simply chose one. We understand that the decision can be a difficult one. It really does depend on what the site or application is for. In general, though, it is usually encouraged that the two be launched at the same time or, that the site is mobile responsive to reach a greater demographic.

Website vs. Mobile Application

website vs. mobile application

Website vs. mobile application. Both are crucial to any business, especially since the increase of sales and site views can be attributed to the heavy use of our mobile devices. The challenge is – how do you know which should come first? Or do you build them both and launch simultaneously? Here are a few guiding points:

eCommerce: If your site/application will be created to sell products, it would be suggested to build a mobile responsive website first. That way, users on both their desktop and mobile devices can navigate through the website seamlessly. Once the site has launched and you’re ready to invest the time and money into building a mobile application, then take the dive into launching the mobile application.

Services/Reservations: Companies that are focused on providing a service that solely relies on the customer’s location will want to build a mobile application. A great example is Uber. Since the user will not have access to their laptop while needing a ride home from a baseball game, the mobile application is essential. Once the application is launched, a mobile responsive site would be beneficial so users could book the service from any device – laptop, tablet, or phone.

website vs. mobile application

Game: If your sole intent is to create a game that only plays on a mobile device, then building a microsite would be recommended in order to assist in promoting the mobile game. The microsite can focus on what the game is about to generate interest along with release dates to keep the user informed.

Still unsure? Evaluate the pros and cons. Will you be able to market the newly developed mobile application? Is the brand already established, therefore creating an easier effort to launch the website? Also, consider analyzing your audience and their most common use (desktop or mobile) as this will be key in deciding whether to build a website or mobile application first.

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