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Season 1, Episode 9 [PODCAST]


Improving Patient identification with biometrics

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Welcome to Season 1, Episode 9 of Atlanta Business Impact Radio. In this episode, Michael Trader and Veanne Smith talk about the issues hospitals face with patient identification including duplicate records and overlays, and how biometric technology such as iris recognition is helping to eliminate these problems.

We are excited to share this podcast with you!  During our conversation with Michael, we talk about:

  • The challenges hospitals and emergency departments (ED) face with patient identification
  • Medical Record Overlays and the problems they cause
  • Different types of biometrics, and why they may or may not be a good fit for patient identification
  • Iris recognition, and how it is different than retinal scanning
  • The RightPatient solution and product offering
  • The HeroX and CHIME National Patient ID Challenge

Please enjoy our episode!

About Michael

Michael is the President and Co-Founder of RightPatient, where he is responsible for overseeing business development, marketing activities, and government outreach, and for providing senior leadership on business and policy issues.

As a serial entrepreneur with a passion for innovation, Michael has been an early-stage and founding member of several successful technology companies in the areas of strategic sourcing, biometrics, and healthcare. He has advised dozens of Fortune 1000 companies, traveled to more than 30 countries, is a frequent presenter at various healthcare symposiums, and has been interviewed by media and research outlets such as CNN, Fortune Magazine, Health Data Management, and Frost & Sullivan.

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