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Season 2, Episode 3 [PODCAST]


 Growing Careers With Mentorship

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Welcome to Season 2, Episode 3 of Atlanta Business Impact Radio! Our topic for Season 2 is Growing Businesses and Building Careers.

In this episode, Helene Lollis and Veanne Smith talk about mentorship, and the skills and insights women and men need in order to succeed in their careers.

During our discussion with Helene, we cover:

  • Helene’s personal experience with being mentored early in her career
  • Common challenges mentoring programs face that keep them from reaching their full impact
  • Pathbuilders’ unique approach to mentorship
  • The four stages of a woman’s career and how each stage is different
  • Advice for women to grow in their careers when they do not have access to a leadership program
  • The differences between mentoring men and mentoring women
  • Success stories from both Pathbuilders’ mentees and mentors

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Please enjoy our episode!

About Helene

Helene is the president and chief executive officer of Pathbuilders, a company that helps organizations to develop top talent through high-impact mentoring programs, leveraging a proprietary mentor/mentee matching process, structured programming, innovative workshops, and partnership coaching for the four key stages of a woman’s career.

Helene is a thought leader in the talent development industry. She is frequently invited to speak on the topics of mentoring, women in the workplace and career planning. She has been published in HR Magazine, Diversity Executive, and Talent Management and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal.

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