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Season 3, Episode 7: Unlocking Your Creative Genius With Strategic Ideation [Podcast]

Season 2, Episode 6: Taking The Leap to Franchise
unlocking your creative genius with strategic ideation

Welcome to the seventh episode of season three, where we’re exploring innovation and talking with business leaders about how they have incorporated innovative approaches to the work they do.

In this podcast, Innov8 workshop creator, Nevarda Smith, along with hosts Veanne Smith and Sarah Lodato, talk about how involving everyone in the ideation process, results in the most profitable conclusions.

What Will I Learn?

During our discussion with Nevarda, we cover:

  • Where most creative hang-ups occur, and how to overcome each one
  • Why breaking brainstorming sessions into smaller, more digestible segments, increases creative output
  • How doodling can be used to break down the barriers that stifle creativity

If after the show, you still didn’t get enough, check out a few of Nevarda’s favorite reads:

The Innovation Book 

The Little Black Book of Innovation 

Google Ventures – Sprint 

Innovation: How Innovators Think, Act and Change Our World 

Please enjoy our episode!

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About Nevarda Smith

Nevarda is the Director of Technology Innovation and Delivery for Bridge2 Solutions, part-time CTO at Docsnap, and a next generation technology speaker. Most recently, Nevarda has taken his knack for cultivating innovative behavior and neatly packaged it into his new corporate workshops, Innov8. Nevarda is a true innovator at heart, and he’s using his love of the ideation process to inspire others to unlock their creative side.

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