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Season 3, Episode 9: Fostering Ambition by Leaning In [Podcast]

Season 2, Episode 6: Taking The Leap to Franchise

Fostering Ambition by Leaning In

Welcome to the ninth episode of season three, where we’re exploring innovation and talking with business leaders about how they have incorporated innovative approaches to the work they do.

In this podcast, hosts Veanne Smith and Sarah Lodato, talk about empowering women in their careers with the women who organize the Atlanta chapter of, Alexa Crisa and Emily Schwarz.

What Will I Learn?

During our discussion with Emily and Alexa, we cover:

  • The changing landscape of the tech industry and the role women are playing in that shift
  • How getting together in small groups can promote inclusivity and bonding, leading to a happier work life and a more profitable business
  • Other Atlanta businesses and organizations that are making a real impact on equality issues

If you are interested in creating a Lean In Circle in your city or would like to attend a Lean In event near you, visit or Facebook. Please enjoy our episode!

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About Emily Schwarz

Emily Schwarz is a PR professional and social marketer by trade. Her passion lies with corporate social responsibility strategy and nonprofit PR, which she applies to Lean In Atlanta, a Regional Chapter of Sheryl Sandberg’s LeanIn.Org she co-founded. Follow Emily and Lean In Atlanta on the ‘gram at @emilyannschwarz and @leaninatlanta.

About Alexa Crisa

Alexa is a digital strategist with a background in the performing arts. Prior to taking on agency/corporate roles, she worked as a professional actress in Atlanta and was a professional Irish step dancer. After completing a tour across North America in a 10 passenger van, she realized that helping other people tell their stories might be a good change of pace. When she isn’t Leaning In as the co-leader of Lean In Atlanta, you can find her in the Virginia Highlands bragging about how cute and perfect her dog is. Follow her on Instagram at @alexacrisa 

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