Borland Delphi is a development tool for Microsoft Windows applications. When paired with Borland Kylix, Delphi users can build single-source applications for both Windows and Linux, which opens new opportunities and increases the potential return on development investments. Many SOLTECH programmers and customers use Delphi as their development platform of choice. Delphi is considered by many as an essential building block for solid GUI driven applications

Developer Perspective

Delphi is not only a language. It is a platform. It allows you to write vanilla Win32 apps (with message loops, window procedures, and the like), but offers a superb class library which was the first modern OOP and component-based RAD. Now you can recompile the code based on this class library, the VCL, also for .NET, turning your application into a native and managed .NET assembly. But on .NET you are free to use the WinForms classes, beside all of the classes of the core class library, and ADO.NET, as well as (of course) ASP.NET. In other words, Delphi doesn’t lock you into a single solution but leaves you have with a lot of choices.