Compiere is recognized as the leading enterprise ready commercial, open source ERP system on the market. Offering mature capabilities for financials, warehousing, manufacture and e-commerce. Compiere also includes CRM capabilities integrated into the business workflow. Many clients use Compiere as an ideal business process development framework.

Compiere enables small and medium business to enjoy competitive capabilities previously enjoyed only by the largest corporations, with the added advantage that system customizations are achieved through the unique application dictionary and require little or no programming. Competing enterprise systems require weeks of extensive engineering to achieve changes that Compiere can achieve in hours.

The commercial open source license ensures that money previously spent on software licenses can be diverted to customizations, thereby allowing companies to become more competitive in a shrinking economy.

Developer Perspective

Compiere is based upon a standard Java stack, and provides all the scalability, and reliability of the Java environment with the ability to be used in or out of the box. Compiere is a mature suite of best of breed financials, manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, web store and more. The highly integrated, configurable, built in capabilities deliver 60 – 70% of any business application. The core capabilities of Compiere extend to multi-currency, multi-country, and multi-language. Compiere has defined the architecture of the next generation ERP.

The next 10 – 20% of custom functionality is delivered through the application dictionary that allows SOLTECH  to add or hide fields on any screen based upon business rules and roles. Besides field manipulation, Compiere enables the addition of tables, windows, views, forms, reports, processes and workflows. Customizations that take weeks or months on SAP, take hours in Compiere.

For the last mile that gives the client the customizations that give real competitive advantages, Compiere enables callouts at the field level for any field status change. This means that user completion of any form, other than updating underlying tables, can also trigger any external custom callout classes. These external custom callout classes will start external processes, trigger an external web services call, or other specified actions enabling the client to differentiate. The Compiere solution map has the capability to meet the needs of the business rather than forcing the business to change.