Custom Solutions, Driving Your Unique Business.

If you can’t find an off-the-shelf or out-of-the-box solution that works for your business, or you are ready to create a new web or mobile product and bring it to market, we are here to help.  SOLTECH has specialized in designing and delivering custom technology solutions since 1998.

We emphasize the word “solution” because creating a successful application takes more than just coding. It takes a good design that is based on the deep understanding of what drives your unique business, including your users, their needs, the tools and processes they currently use in their jobs or day-to-day lives, and the long-term business goals. Once these are understood, the application design can begin and the supporting technologies can be chosen.

Not every project requires complete custom development.  With an ever-growing availability of modern platforms, components and tools that can be configured, combined and extended, a critical part of the solution is knowing and selecting the right technologies to match your business and application goals.  When possible, utilizing the right platforms and components can jump-start your implementation, speed up time to market, and reduce development costs.

That is why SOLTECH takes great care to staff our teams with a team of technologists that are highly experience in application design and implementation using a variety of technologies. We will never fit your problem to a particular technology like some firms who specialize in a single product or development language. Rather, we believe in creating the right solution first, and finding the technologies that match your organization, project and budget, having the expertise in house to deliver.

To learn more about the process that has allowed us to successfully design and development countless numbers of web, mobile, and system-to-system applications, as well as our support and hosting services, please read about our Game Changing process.

Does a custom development solution sound like something that could help your business? Please reach out to us.  We are here to help! You can also contact us by email or at 404.601.6000.