We solve business needs from a user perspective

As game changers in the technology industry, we deliver custom software solutions, technology  and project management support for businesses. SOLTECH provides exerts in technology, developing solutions to fit your unique need. There is not always a solution out there, thats why we build them.

Combining our strong business acumen and technical proficiency, SOLTECH is able to ensure all our clients receive workable solutions within manageable project guidelines.

SOLTECH is now one of the Southeast’s top service companies touted for its innovative engineering solutions that has served hundreds of satisfied businesses.

Game Changers Start Here

Every Game Changer needs a top-notch product development team to quickly get their product to market. Our new product development process focuses on efficient translation of a business and product vision into an actionable software design. Bring us your product ideas and business vision and our Architecture Team will guide you through the design process to insure your product is built on a solid foundation that will grow and evolve with your business.

Once your product has launched, you’ll appreciate the range of support services SOLTECH offers such as Application Support and Managed Cloud Hosting.  We’ve got the technology covered so you stay focused on growing your business.

If you’ve got a game changing web application, mobile application, client application, or even all three, then take a moment to learn more about our Product Development Services for New Software.


A Helping Hand When You Need it Most

Not all projects get off the ground as planned.  It is an unfortunate reality but many development initiatives fail to make it even to the first release.  If your project is challenged with unexpected delays, costs, quality issues or a general lack of guidance and support from your current vendor then you should consider getting help from SOLTECH’s rescue and recovery team.

A non-performing vendor or support resource can be a vulnerable situation for your software project and your business operation. SOLTECH has a process specifically designed for project rescue and recovery that focuses first on the immediate transition of the project to our development environment followed by a series of short development iterations to get your project moving forward with verifiable progress.  Once we help you get your project over the finish line, our software support plans can put you at ease knowing that you are covered if any issue arises in the future.

If you have a project that isn’t going as well as it should, please take a moment to learn more about SOLTECH’s project rescue and recovery process.

Hosted in the Cloud. Managed Locally.

In the last few years, cloud technology has transformed the IT industry by providing unprecedented levels of affordability and flexibility in computing resources.  Like any truly revolutionary change, the cloud has offered advantages to nearly every segment of business regardless of industry, size or maturity. Cloud technology has also driven the movement to Software as a Service (SAAS) business models used by most new software product vendors over the past few years and has changed how business is done in the technology.

While cloud technologies offer tremendous benefits, they also require a different way of thinking compared to traditional infrastructure-based software solutions. SOLTECH has a team of cloud specialists that monitor and manage cloud applications on behalf of our clients. As a part of this Managed Cloud Hosting service, our team provides monitoring, maintenance and support of your software solution onto various cloud platform providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace Cloud. SOLTECH’s hosting solutions are powered by the cloud, but managed locally here by our team in Atlanta, GA.

If you have an application that needs hosting, please take a moment to learn more about our Managed Cloud Hosting services.

Apps for a mobile

The world has gone mobile and if you don’t have a plan for meeting the increasing customer demand for mobile access to your products and services, you run the risk of getting left behind. If you are ready to develop a consumer-facing application, business-to-business product or internal employee-facing application that embraces the benefits of mobile technology, our mobile team is ready to help. From a creative look and feel that gets your users excited, to the technical elements of picking a mobile platform approach and navigating the roll-out process of mobile application store certifications and deployments, we will help bring your ideas to life.

Mobile development is a very dynamic landscape with constantly evolving technologies. SOLTECH maintains a diverse mobile team that includes specialists in areas like iOS development, Android development, HTML5, Responsive Design, and mobile frameworks like PhoneGap.

If you have a mobile application on the horizon, take a moment to learn why the SOLTECH team is so excited about mobile development and how we can help you make your strategy a reality.

Got Software? We Can Support It.

SOLTECH doesn’t just build software applications, we support them as well! Whether it is new software built by SOLTECH or an existing application created in-house or by another technology vendor, SOLTECH has several application support plans to keep your mission critical applications healthy.  Engaging a new technology partner to support a mission critical application can be a nerve-racking decision for any business.  That is why SOLTECH has a specialized process with several key checkpoints right out of the gate to insure that we avoid disruptions to your business and minimize any risks to your day-to-day operations.

Whether you have an exhaustive list of backlogged support items already in need of completion or you just want to engage a new partner for future work, SOLTECH has a mature transition and support process to address your need.

If you have an existing production application that you need to enhance, fix or support, please take a moment to read more about the SOLTECH support team and the services available.  For projects not yet in production but in need of assistance, please check out the Project Rescue section to learn how we can better assist you.

Power-up Your Business Process with Technology

Do you have a unique business model that’s proven successful, but are looking for greater efficiency and scalability by automating some portion of your business with technology? Business automation is all about doing more, doing it faster, doing it better AND doing it with fewer employees and resources than ever before. Business automation needs vary greatly from one business to another but common goals include the elimination of inefficiencies of manual processes and improvement of processing time through automation or data integration between disparate systems.  Automating your unique process through the use of technology or custom software may be just the game changer you need to make a dramatic impact to profit margins or revenue growth.

If you are looking for a technology or software solution that is as unique as your business, please take a moment to learn more about specialized approach for process mapping and solution design to drive business efficiency.

Want to learn more?  Please send us a request for information or contact us at 404.601.6000 or info@soltech.net