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SOLTECH Client Partners with AT&T

SOLTECH would like to congratulate E3 Greentech on their recent partnership with wireless provider AT&T. E3 Greentech and AT&T have teamed up to provide wireless connectivity to their Home Energy Management System.

E3 Greentech offers an intelligent cloud based solution called HEMS (Home Energy Management System), that is designed to conserve energy usage in your home or business.  Multiple “smart” outlets throughout the building send energy usage data in real time to a central hub, which in turn sends the data to the cloud to be processed, leading to 15% in energy savings and a 25% decrease in peak energy demand.  E3 Greentech has put their smart grid solution in multiple communities across 4 states.

E3 Greentech came to SOLTECH with a concept for a new product that would help lead to smarter energy consumption by consumers. SOLTECH worked with E3 Greentech to identify a data model that would be best for their unique data needs, as well as a user interface to efficiently get the data in and out of the system.  E3 Greentech was very pleased to have a working beta version released within 6 months of project inception.

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