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SOLTECH Joins The Iron Yard Advisory Board

ATLANTA, GEORGIA —Feb 9, 2016 — SOLTECH, a leading Atlanta software development and staffing firm, and The Iron Yard, a nationally renowned immersive code school, announced today the appointment of SOLTECH to The Iron Yard advisory board.

Veanne Smith, SOLTECH founder and senior vice president, and Thayer Tate, vice president of Software Solutions will join other Atlanta technology leaders to advise The Iron Yard on current technology trends and the needs of businesses, from start-up to fortune 500. From these insights, The Iron Yard will adapt its curriculum and teachings to stay relevant and to keep its students in high-demand.

“As a software development firm, we know that finding quality talent is critical to success. We have seen first-hand how The Iron Yard’s immersion program creates capable front-end and back-end engineers,” said Vice President of Software Solutions Thayer Tate.

“With almost 20 years delivering technology solutions in Atlanta, SOLTECH is committed to helping The Iron Yard grow, evolve and strengthen its programs,” Tate said.

The Iron Yard wanted to take advantage of both sides of SOLTECH’s business: technical staffing and custom software solutions.

“We want to share knowledge across technical and non-technical issues,“ said The Iron Yard Atlanta Campus Director, Lindsey Owings.

“Since The Iron Yard aims to prepare our students for careers as junior developers, it’s critical to hear from both the software engineering and the talent advisor so we can provide comprehensive and relevant support. We’re thrilled to have these voices at the table from SOLTECH,” Owings said.

“We provide a unique value to the students and faculty of The Iron Yard through mentorship during hack-a-thons and shared best practices in the software development process, as well as assisting students in obtaining jobs upon graduation,” said SOLTECH founder Veanne Smith.

“To date, we have hired a number of graduates who have all been high performers. We continue to be impressed with the determination and passion that these students possess,” Smith said.

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About The Iron Yard
The Iron Yard is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing in-person code schools. They offer in-person courses in Back-End Engineering, Front-End Engineering, Mobile Engineering, Design and Data Science. For more information, visit

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