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SOLTECH Sees Record Growth in Twenty-Ten

In Twenty-Ten, SOLTECH experienced its best year in terms of revenue and profit since it was founded 13 years ago, posting growth in all three of its core business sectors, and an astonishing 30% overall growth.  Veanne Smith, SOLTECH Co-Founder and Vice President, says “We are living in the midst of a technology revolution, and SOLTECH is well positioned to assist companies as they leverage new technologies.”

The success of Twenty-Ten was a result of a tremendous amount of hard work in 2009, where we focused on building a strong foundation, that includes a strong technical team, increased marketing efforts and a determination to be the best in our industry.

During the year, we were fortunate to work with an outstanding group of clients who understood the need to build and implement technology solutions, even when sales were down, that would allow their great companies to do well even in difficult times. We were also very proud of our talented and dedicated team of employees who did whatever was necessary to deliver and exceed our client’s expectations.

Twenty-Eleven should be an exciting year, and we cannot wait to see what interesting projects await.

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